34L fixed top case complete with rear rack (both colour coded) - Bellavita

Available in Black, Brown, Beige and White


Luggage rack - Bellavita

Luggage rack - R50X/R125X

Luggage rack - 303R

Luggage rack - X-Motion


Windscreen (640mm tall) - Bellavita


Windscreen - 202 Classic/303R/Delivery Scooter


Windscreen - R50X/R125X

Large windscreen - X-Motion

Front carry rack and baskets - Delivery Scooter/202 Classic/303R

Hand guards - X-Motion


Passenger seat back - X-Motion - luggage rack required

Heated bag - Delivery Scooter

Chrome brake levers - 202 Classic

Universal disc lock


Lowered seat - X-Motion (approximately 50mm lower than original)

Please note:

Pictures and colours are a guide only.

Please check with your dealer prior to purchase for accuracy.

AGC Ltd reserve the right to change specification without notice.

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